Beaches in New Zealand

beachesNew Zealand is a country gifted with best crystal blue and pristine beaches that one cannot resist even those who are not total beach enthusiasts.  If you got the chance to visit New Zealand either for a business trip or for leisure, it is unforgiveable to miss those picturesque beaches that are comparable to the world’s beaches.  Whether you will explore New Zealand on your own or on guided tour, you will definitely enjoy those paradise-like beaches that will surely sooth your cravings for blue water and white sand. You can start your beach adventure in New Zealand by walking along the warm white coastline which is perfect for couple who want to enjoy each other’s company.

These are only few of the best beaches that New Zealand has to offer to every visitor who wish to enjoy beaches at its best with the perfect accommodation along its pristine cottages and rooms with made with finely native ceramic tile :

The Beaches of Abel Tasman National Park

This is one of the famous beaches in New Zealand because of its location which is a very perfect place for those who want a real privacy and want to unwind away from the busy city life.  If you feel like watching wildlife in its natural habitat, this place is the place for you where you can watch seals do their own thing and also considered as a wildlife sanctuary for most of the sulcata tortoise species .

Onetangi Bay On Waiheke Island

Some tourists consider this bay as a Royal Bay because of its perfectly golden and fine sand. But this bay is not only known simply because of its golden sand, but also because of its majestic view in all perspective.

The Beaches Of Karikari Peninsula

This area is a group of beaches in Karikari Peninsula where one has a wide choice of what beach to dip in. do you love beach hopping? Then this place is a “must visit” beach for you before you leave New Zealand. This is one of the favorites of local and foreign tourists in New Zealand it is a complete package for your vacation trip where food banquets and shopping boutiques and various tattoo artist of mehandi designs are just around the beaches.

From what perspective, New Zealand is surrounded by beautiful beaches you will always have a choice.

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